In the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS) studios.

Who am I?

I am Adel Chouadria, a 30-year-old writer from Algiers, Algeria, currently residing in Berlin, Germany.

I have been active in esports for six years – five of them as a writer in the European League of Legends scene, for companies and media outlets (endemic and mainstream).

I have extensive experience covering the scene and its protagonists: players, coaches, on-air personalities, staff members, and the people that enable them. If you can name a previous or current LCS/LEC player, there are strong odds that I have spoken to them in the past.

What can I do?

The primary skills that I have trained throughout my journey are, to name a few: interviewing, features writing, news writing, ghostwriting, gameplay analysis (to some degree) and photography. My conversational interviews tend to get to the bottom of matters, or to reveal a side previously unknown or underappreciated about a person and/or a team.

Although I have not covered other games in a similar depth, I am willing to expand my coverage should an opportunity provide ample resources or sufficient support to that effect.

Can I help you?

If you need someone to cover the LEC, or if you need my writing skills for other scenes, be sure to let me know!