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Freelance work

ESPN Esports / Inven Global / LoL Esports

Jul. 2016 - Feb. 2018 | Jan. 2019 - Ongoing

I pitched and submitted articles pertaining to the European scene according to the websites' demands and expectations.

Full-time work

Mar. 2018 - Oct. 2018

As the website's League of Legends staff writer, I averaged four pieces per day (outside of breaks) from Feb. 28 to Oct. 15. I covered news, documented community reactions, and interviewed players for features and other written pieces.

Full-time work


Feb. 2014 - Jul. 2016

Beyond working on European LCS centric content, I was instrumental in fulfilling content deliverables for the marketing team.

I also learned the basics of photography to provide another element to my coverage and to Azubu.



Feb. 2013 - Feb. 2014

Due to the lack of third-party coverage of the European LCS at the time, I took it upon myself to build the website's knowledgebase in regards to players, teams and coaches of the region.

I eventually transitioned into content creation, publishing interviews and articles on the website.